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  • @uprightaperadio
  • Justin John Scheck
  • 16 Have you been so wounded that you pretend nothing matters?
  • 15 Women were born out of nothingness billions of years ago, that makes them angels. The measure of a man is how he treats angels.
  • 14 We are not reticent.  We are boldness disguised.
  • 13 The pen is more thoughtful than the pencil.
  • 12 Courage is not the absence of fear….  It is being afraid, and doing it anyway.
  • 11 We were born out of nothingness. We are made of stardust. You cant make that up.
  • 10 Remove what it is you want, and you’ll find that you have everything you need.
  • 09 Roses can grow from concrete, but some of us have flower beds, and some of us still, are training to be gardeners.
  • 08 Any face you look upon, you look upon the face of “god”. Therefore, if there is a “god”, its you.
  • 07 We don’t need “prophets” to lead us out of the darkness. We need “Students of History” to tell us who’s keeping us in the dark.
  • 06 Our mistakes are crimes. Their crimes are policies.
  • 05 The desperate will do desperate things. The starving will show their teeth.
  • 04 We are not crazy, we are just desperate.
  • 03 We are as cautious as rabbits, in the suburb where the devil grew up.
  • 02. “Heavens” means up above, and nothing more.
  • 01 We all have the heart of a lion, and we all have the heart of its prey.