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All songs Written, Performed, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Justin John Scheck except for: “Mainline” and “Take My Soul”, Written and Performed by Benjamin Grant Huey, Vocals by Justin John Scheck and Benjamin Grant Huey; all drums performed by Benjamin Grant Huey except for “Willy Peters”; “Somewhere Over Hanoi”, Benjamin Grant Huey on Bass Rhodes, Greg Hayes on Acoustic Guitar; “Didi Mau”, Benjamin Grant Huey on Lead Guitar.

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Track 1 – “In The Beginning/Orion/When it Comes”

Track 2 – “Mainline”

Track 3 – “Suicide”

Track 4 – “Somewhere Over Hanoi”

Track 5 – “Willy Peters”

Track 6 – “Didi Mau”

Track 7 – “The First Man I Ever Killed”

Track 8 – “Take My Soul”

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