•A Very Special Thanks To The “Characters”•

  • Thanks to co-SPONSER and website Launguage translator and general 21st Century digital media shaman good hearted fellow concept bouncer Matthew Otto Weber @ MoWorldEnterpises.

Thanks to fellow brothers in arms and regular make the world a better place at all costs mystic sound wave benders also sometimes referred to as musicians Crooks and Children and The Cordeliers, my co-conspirators on this Art Life Journey..

And to the only man I call Bro for challenging me to question my actions, launguage, and reflect on my decisions and question my use of Launguage. In short, be a better man.

And to John Wylde for the advice, council, friendship, food, and funds to complete most of the paintings, and for financing A PEASANTS VOICE.

And my mother and father and nephews-the front and back of the timeline of my love expressed.

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